Our Last Production – Iolanthe

Iolanthe” was originally rehearsed under the false name of PEROLA in order to avoid piracy of the opera. At the final rehearsal at the Savoy Theatre, Arthur Sullivan addressed the assembled company as follows

Ladies and Gentlemen, you have been rehearsing PEROLA but when the curtain goes up on the first night the opera will be called IOLANTHE”

Our Director, Ruth, created a new fairy for this production appropriately called “Perola” and will join in with with Celia, Leila and Fleta on stage

Cast List

Iolanthe is a sparkling tale of fairy folk and magical mayhem, a fable of fairies versus mortals!

Beloved and beautiful, the immortal Iolanthe has broken a fairy law by marrying a human.

She is banished from fairyland by her Queen on the condition that she never sees her husband again.

Twenty-five years later these two worlds collide, as her Son Strephon (who is half a fairy), plans to marry the pretty Shepherdess Phyllis, a ward of The Lord Chancellor and loved by every Peer in The House of Lords.

Strephon attempts, (with the help of some feisty fairies), to overthrow the privileges enjoyed by the nobility, and much laughter, drama and mystical mix ups happen along the way!

Enchantingly funny and at times very moving, our talented cast along with our fabulous orchestra, stunning set and gorgeous costumes, make this a family show not to be missed!