2018 – Patience

PATIENCE or BUNTHORNE’S BRIDE pokes fun at the aesthetic craze that became popular in the 1880’s, pitting the straight-laced ideals of the Victorian era against the passions and indulgences of the glorious and dandy “Aesthetics” who believed in beauty above all. It satirises romantic love, rural simplicity and military bluster in the best possible way!

Filled with Sullivan’s colourful and melodic music along with Gilbert’s incomparable wit, all ages will enjoy this delightful and humorous operetta. We meet a simple Dairy maid, (Patience), spiffily uniformed Dragoon Guards, adoring love-sick maidens and willowy poets!

The village maidens in our show have forgotten the Dragoon Guards to whom they were betrothed the previous year, and are now besotted with the sham, wan and moody poet Reginald Bunthorne. They hang on his every word, competing for his love. He, however, would rather eat fresh butter with the pretty Patience in her dairy than spend time with them – particularly the middle aged, faded and formidable Lady Jane who persists in following him everywhere.

Patience herself has no interest whatsoever in poetry, or indeed love. She can’t understand why the maidens think love is such a wonderful thing when all they seem to do is sigh and weep. Lady Angela explains to Patience, that love is an unselfish act, that it must “wither and sting and burn” – so Patience in her naivety, decides she “won’t go to bed until she’s head over ears in love with somebody”!

The first stranger she bumps into happens to be the very handsome, wealthy and romantic poet, Archibald Grosvenor, who on recognising his childhood sweetheart, proposes. Patience turns him down, claiming it would be “unpardonable” and “selfishness indeed” to marry someone so utterly perfect. Grosvenor agrees!

On seeing the beautiful Grosvenor, the love-sick maidens immediately transfer their attentions, prompting their military suitors to become aesthetics themselves in order to win their hearts. A sudden reform by both poets resolves everyone’s problems… The question is… Who WILL end up being Bunthorne’s bride?

“PATIENCE” will be directed by our young and innovative new production team of RUTH PALMER and GAVIN COOPER.


The Duke of Dunstable – Laurence Lewis
Colonel Calverley – Ken Wainwright
Major Murgatroyd – Ian Ferguson
Reginald Bunthorne – Andy Lee
Archibald Grosvenor – John Clayton
The Lady Angela – Judith Newton
The Lady Saphir – Nickie Kenning
The Lady Ella – Elizabeth Cunningham
The Lady Jane – Margaret Wainwright
Patience – Sophie Hurst