Past Productions

Stamford G&S Players - IOLANTHE
The Fairies


IOLANTHE is a sparkling tale of fairy folk and magical mayhem, a fable of fairies versus mortals!

Beloved and beautiful, the immortal Iolanthe has broken a fairy law by marrying a human. She is banished from fairyland by her Queen on the condition that she never sees her husband again.

Twenty-five years later these two worlds collide, as her Son Strephon (who is half a fairy), plans to marry the pretty Shepherdess Phyllis, a ward of The Lord Chancellor and loved by every Peer in The House of Lords. Strephon attempts, (with the help of some feisty fairies), to overthrow the privileges enjoyed by the nobility, and much laughter, drama and mystical mix ups happen along the way!



Patience or Bunthorne’s Bride, is a rollicking satire that pits the straight-laced ideas of the Victorian era against the passions and indulgences of the 1870’s Aesthetic Movement.

All of the maidens in the village are besotted with Reginald Bunthorne a moody and handsome poet, but he has eyes only for the simple milkmaid, Patience. Bunthorne’s artistic ways are all just an act to attract women – he doesn’t even like poetry!! Patience is in love with her childhood sweetheart Archibald Grosvenor (a real poet) but feels she cannot marry him because he is just too perfect. The Heavy Dragoon Guards, dismayed because they were meant to marry the village maidens, are perplexed by their sudden loss of marriage prospects.